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A look at life in little-known mountain towns of the Sicilian hinterlands.
A true account of the last years of an ancient Sicilian giant bluefin tuna trap.


Out of Palermo

Qanat and Sirocco room with Prof. Pietro Todaro

October 23, 2012

Tags: pietro todaro Baida qanat Palermo

Palermo geologist Pietro Todaro, author of the book "Il Sottosuolo di Palermo" (Palermo Underground) took time out from his busy schedule to show me a qanat and sirocco room in the zone of Baida in Palermo, Villa Savagnone 13 october 2012. The property was once the fiefdom of a mafioso boss who was killed by a (more…)

Saint Joseph behind bars

October 23, 2012

Tags: Danissini st Joseph street shrine staircase

Saint Joseph behind bars on stairwell out of Danissini.

Danissini, one of the poorest sections of Palermo

October 23, 2012

Tags: danissini river fiume qanat Papireto sicily sicilia palermo water arabs

Danisinni is the source of the Papireto, one of Palermo's rivers, now long buried and serving as a sewer.

Palermo 2012

October 21, 2012

Tags: Palermo Sicily Sicilia Italy Italia

I have three intense months in Palermo, a gift of time to begin to know the city well. The place is addictive; the more I get, the more I want. Very rich and deep.

Mark Twain said:

October 16, 2012

Tags: mark twain said slave privilege aristocracy slave slaveholders moral perceptions effects blunting

"The blunting effects of slavery upon a slaveholder's moral perceptions are known and conceded, the world over, and a privileged class, an aristocracy, is but a band of slaveholders under another name."

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