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A look at life in little-known mountain towns of the Sicilian hinterlands.
A true account of the last years of an ancient Sicilian giant bluefin tuna trap.


Out of Palermo


October 5, 2016

Tags: Favignana, Egadi, sicily, Bue Marino

I am back on Favignana. I rented a bike from Zu Isidoro's ( RIP Zu Isisdoro) and peddled to Bue Marino, my favorite spot. One of them. No words for the beauty.

Gioacchino Cataldo before he was rais

May 1, 2012

Tags: Gioacchino, Cataldo, Favignana, cemetery, rais, red carnations.

Gioacchino on his way to place flowers on the graves of Favignana's former raises.
I followed him on my bike and wrote about it in Mattanza. Honest to God, he was like a character straight out of the movie Quo Vadis.

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