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The Stone Boudoir; Travels Through the Hidden Villages of Sicily

"Delightful... Among the many pleasures that await the reader are descriptions of Sicilian street food, lone shepherds who still play the Sicilian bagpipes, and religious festivals that form the heart and soul of the people... The Stone Boudoir is no ordinary travel book. Rather it is a luminous portrait of a time and a place, interspersed with a wonderful cast of characters."
–Chicago Tribune, Feb. 3, 2002

"At one point, Maggio spends a night in 'the ultimate stone house,' a cave in the Nebrodi Mountains in north-central Sicily, where the naturally temperature-controlled, often wood-paneled apartments are furnished with dining-room credenzas, VCR's and microwaves. These dwellings, like all the Sicilian homes Maggio visits, are cleaned furiously and proudly by members of a fierce army of Sicilian housewives. One tells Maggio that her cave was too dark until the morning 'I sent my husband off to work, found his sledgehammer' and 'made the window into a door.'"
–New York Times, June 2, 2002

Here are the people and places you have read about in The Stone Boudoir.