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remembering the tonnara of favignana

I am on the island of Favignana and I see many changes. I am nostalgic for the island in the days of the tonnara. Click on the caption to see a slide show of those days.
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Aboard the rescue ship: 3 babies born

Italian Coast Guard film:

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10,000+ migrants saved in 2 days, 23 dead, three babies born on rescue ship

10,000 immigrants saved from the sea in the last two days, according to a story by Claudia Brunetto in La Repubblica today. 72 separate rescue operations in the Strait of Sicily. 28 bodies were also pulled from the sea, 22 of which had been aboard a vessel packed with abut a thousand people.

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I am back on Favignana. I rented a bike from Zu Isidoro's ( RIP Zu Isisdoro) and peddled to Bue Marino, my favorite spot. One of them. No words for the beauty.  Read More 
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To honor the third anniversary of the drowning of 368 African immigrant at the dock of Lampedusa, Italian TV last night broadcast the Oscar nominated film Fuocoammare, Fire at Sea, filmed on Lampedusa. It does not have much distribution in the US. It was a beautiful sad poem. Like nothing I had ever seen before.
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