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Saveur magazine review of Mattanza 3 of 3

Saveur's review of Mattanza
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Mattanza reviewed in the NYT

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Gioacchino Cataldo on full page ad in NYT

Before he was the last rais of the Favignana tonnara, Gioacchino Cataldo was a boat captain and that was when I took this picture of him. It is superimposed on a photo I took of Bue Marino, the sea cove near the house I rented at the edge of the island. It is also the cover of the first edition of the book, Mattanza.

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Rais gioacchino cataldo died last night

He died at home on his island, Favignana, after a three-month illness. He was the last rais of the Favignana tonnara. His photo was on the cover of my first book, Mattanza. There was no one like him, a soft-hearted giant, a demi-god of the sea.
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remembering the tonnara of favignana

I am on the island of Favignana and I see many changes. I am nostalgic for the island in the days of the tonnara. Click on the caption to see a slide show of those days.
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A bloodless mattanza for tourists

I read in La Repubblica that the tonnara is coming back to Favignana, but just to draw tourists, and the men will not lift the tuna in teams of eight with lances of varying lengths as they used to. To know what a tonnara used to be like, please read my first book, Mattanza.  Read More 
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Ingrid Bergman at a Stromboli Mattanza

Mattanza starts at 1:04. Bergman was "boulverse.`" Blown away. She made this film with Roberto Rosselini, who created it for her. Before this, Anna Magnani had been his love, his muse, his actress.
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