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Enjoy some peace in Mistretta, Nebrodi Mountains

2017: "Hope for the Best, Expect the Worst" -- Mel Brooks
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MSF Aquarius returns to Sicily with 400 of 800 refugees rescued yesterday

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Number of Drowned refugees in Mediterraean tops 5,000 in 2016

From The Guardian:
"Deaths linked to Mediterranean crossings by migrants trying to reach Europe have spiked in 2016. Last year, 3,771 deaths were recorded as more than a million people made the journey, mostly from Turkey to Greece. This year, about 360,000 people have crossed, most between Libya and Italy, with far more deadly results."
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Death for Christmas

A terrible Christmas shipwreck, some hundred victims, many of which were women and children. The news comes from the UN refugee commission which said that two damaged rubber rafts went down in the in the Strait of Sicly with their human cargo. 143 were saved by the Italian Coast Guard. The rest are missing or dead.

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573 immigrants rescued, 2 dead

Hindered by Force 5 winds and waves in the dark of night, the coast guard ship Gregoretti took on 573 migrants found in a shipwreck at sea last night. Two of the migrants, a man and a woman, were dead. Seven had severe respiratory problems, probably due to breathing in diesel fumes. One is in desperate  Read More 
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Mondello 2 december 2016

A beautiful day at the beach in Mondello in December.
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Telegraph: Palatine Chapel among world's most beautiful churches

Palermo's 1132 Capella Palatina was the only Italian church to make it onto The Telegraph's list of the worlds 23 most beautiful churches.
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