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Palermo from the air

Worth clicking on this link to see a beautiful city captured at its best, via skillful drone shooting and great editing. This two-minute collage gave me chills. I love Palermo.


A beautiful short video by Salvatore Ranunculo

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Mattanza reviewed in the NYT

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Gioacchino Cataldo on full page ad in NYT

Before he was the last rais of the Favignana tonnara, Gioacchino Cataldo was a boat captain and that was when I took this picture of him. It is superimposed on a photo I took of Bue Marino, the sea cove near the house I rented at the edge of the island. It is also the cover of the first edition of the book, Mattanza.

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Old friend on Favignana

On a rare day in spring when the tonnaroti did not have to work, Vito Giangrasso ( right) took me to Il Pozzo, which is a point on the east side of the island, to watch Benito Ventrone fish.
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