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Found in Palermo

Inventor Marcello Lampone, a treasure.
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Palazzo Montevago Gravina di Ramacca

The Ferrara family owns most of this palace. They made their money with a local pasta factory, and when they sold it, they bought this palace, and spent six years refurbishing it, including the frescoes on the ceiling. The largest Murano chandelier came out of a Taormina hotel. Marcello Lampone eyed it and said  Read More 
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Inventor and Joyful Person Marcello Lampone

Marcello Lampone and magnifying lens
I met this wonderful inventor today. We spent three hours in his laboratory workshop and surroundings and the time flew by for both of us. I can't wait to write about him. His enthusiasm and will to create is so contagious. He sleeps in his hoarder-like shop and lives next door to billionaires.
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Marcello Lampone and part of the clock without hands

This is just the bottom decorative part of a 6-foot-tall faceless clock he is making to install in the Provincial office building across the street, the palace where he was born.
Marcello Lampone has invented an electro-mechanical (non-digital) watch and/or clock with no minute- hand nor hour- hand. I cannot imagine how you can tell the time from it. He won't let me see it , or explain it, until it is patented. He is hoping for a sponsor to help him pay for the  Read More 
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Marcello Lampone and fly eye

Fly eyes, having fun.
I can only run one photo per blog post, so I am making lots of blog posts about this guy. He made my day.
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