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Palazzo Montevago Gravina di Ramacca

The Ferrara family owns most of this palace. They made their money with a local pasta factory, and when they sold it, they bought this palace, and spent six years refurbishing it, including the frescoes on the ceiling. The largest Murano chandelier came out of a Taormina hotel. Marcello Lampone eyed it and said it was a good two meters, 20 centimeters wide. That's well over six feet wide. he flipped the lights on and off for me for effect, saying, "I'm like a member of the family here,"and they seemed to treat him that way. Ferraro pere was the president of the Palermo soccer club, quite and honor and responsibility. Ferrara fils told me that Marcello had gone to school in the very room of the giant chandelier, before it was refurbished, when it was a state elementary school and Marcello lived across the street. You would never know from the grimy portone and exterior of the palace that inside was such a luxurious jewel. In Palermo rich people and aristocrats (who are not necessarily rich) live cheek by jowl with the poor folk.
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