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Marcello Lampone and part of the clock without hands

This is just the bottom decorative part of a 6-foot-tall faceless clock he is making to install in the Provincial office building across the street, the palace where he was born.
Marcello Lampone has invented an electro-mechanical (non-digital) watch and/or clock with no minute- hand nor hour- hand. I cannot imagine how you can tell the time from it. He won't let me see it , or explain it, until it is patented. He is hoping for a sponsor to help him pay for the patenting process. I hope to God he finds one and before he passes away. I want to see this guy succeed. He says people won't have to throw away their current timepieces -- any clock ir watch can be converted to make us of his invention. Everywhere he goes, he buys clocks and takes the hour-hands and minute-hands off them. He has stacks of hundreds of wall clocks he plans to convert. Plastic, wooden, bronze, and lots of circular mirror frames he plans to make into faceless clocks. He wonders if a lifetime is enough time to do so.
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