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I frutti del Grano / Fruits of the grain bakery San Biagio Platani, Sicily

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Today is the Feast of St. Joseph

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Mick Jagger in Sicily since October

Mick Jagger toured Palermo's Palazzo Reale yesterday, the seat of the regional Sicilian government, including the Capella Palatina (Palatine Chapel), according to La Repubblica online.

 According to sources who escorted him and his interpreter on the tourist route through the complex  he showed himself to be knowledgeable about artistic themes that came up and that he very much appreciated the treasures of the palace where Ruggero, the Norman conqueror of Sicily a thousand years ago, once lived with his harem.

The paper said that according to leaked info he has been staying at Noto, a baroque city in the province of Siracusa, as a guest on the estate of Prince Lucio Bonaccorsi and his wife, the stylist Luisa Beccaria. he has been seen traveling as a tourist around Sicily this winter and fall. Smart fellow. I wish I could have been there.





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Etna spouts 900-foot-tall jets of lava

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Piero Corrao passed away this morning

Piero Corrao, a fisherman of Mondello,  first took me to Favignana. Here he is standng above the Chamber of Death, the happiest I have ever seen him, on 2 June 1986.
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I Vitelloni persist

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Remembering my mom

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Palermo Unveiled: The Zisa Gardens

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British Artist Banksy Bought a Rescue Boat

Eleven days after they were rescued off Lampedusa  by British artist Banksy's humanitarian ship, the Louise Michel, 150 surviving migrants were transfered to the quaratine ship GNV Allegra in the waters off Palermo. The quarantine ship carries 350 people who must spend fifteen days aboard while it cruises along the Sicilian coasts. Among them are some one-hundred unaccompaned children. Today the ship sails off the coast of Augusta.







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It's happening again: Mediterranean an immigrant graveyard

From reporter Lorenzo Tondo in Palermo for The Guardian:


So far in 2020, more than 500 refugees are known to have died in the Mediterranean, and the real number is estimated to be considerably higher.

A boat carrying dozens of refugees has burst into flames off the coast of southern Italy as its passengers were being transferred to Italian naval vessels to take them to port.

Five people are confirmed dead and two are missing at sea. Six people are in hospital with serious burns injuries, including two Italian officials who were taking the people off the boat.

The vessel was approached by an Italian naval ship that was in the process of taking migrants onboard and, according to preliminary reports, suddenly caught fire, most likely because of a fuel leakage, then exploded. The number of victims is still uncertain.....

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