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Thousands of refugees land in Sicily in the last 24 hours

1,019 Syrians, Palestinians and Moroccans arrived at the port of Pozzallo, Sicily in the last 24 hours, according to La Repubblica. Doctors have found 300 cases of scabies, and five cases of measles. Four pregnant women were sent to the hospital and there was a boy with a traumatic injury to his neck.
The ship Peluso was expected to arrive today at Lampedusa with 316 immigrants, and another 120 are still aboard two merchant ships which picked them up in distress. Other arrivals are expected at Trapani where a Danish cargo ship took on board 324 immigrants found off the Libyan coast in one of more than 20 rescue operations carried out in the last 48 hours, according to La Repubblica. The rescues included 199 men, 84 women and 41 minors coming from, for the most part, from Eritrea. The refugees will all be put up in welcome centers in Trapani province. Some 300 immigrants saved by the towboat Lione were headed to Catania, and these refugees will be sent on to Piedmonte, Lombardy and Emilia Romana in northern Italy.
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