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arms, legs broken

Two Nigerian immigrants broke their arms and legs when they were pushed out of a fourth floor window by human traffickers because they had not paid their way yet. Sicilian authorities think it was a last-minute attempt to get more money out of their family members back in Nigeria. Doctors in Sicily are treating the two men in their twenties, and have saved one arm from amputation through quick action. The men were pushed, their bodies broken, then they were put on a boat to Europe anyway. Their bones were sticking through their skin and the wounds were infected.
Also, this morning in Catania, the funeral and burial of 13 of the shipwreck victims
who died in the 18 April downing of the fishing boat that sank. The thirteen bodies were fished out of the hull with great difficuty and hundreds more remain in the ship at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. It is too difficult to recuperate those bodies. Story from the paper La Repubblica, Palermo edition online.
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