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Palermo commemorates anniversary of murder of anti-Mafia Judge Paolo Borsellino

It's Sunday, as it was on this date 23 years ago in Via D'Amelio, Palermo. But this time the street is not deserted and isolated like the one that awaited the three autos carrying Paolo Borsellino and his escort. A speaker's stand, flags, colors and many people await the minute, 4:58 p.m., in which a powerful car bomb blew to pieces the judge and five agents who protected him. Emanuela Loi, Claudio Traina, Vincenzo LiMuli, Walter Eddie Cosina and Agostino Catalano were their names. Also in Via D'Amelio today were Nino Di Matteo and Roberto Tartaglia, the prosecutorss who are now investigating the criminal alliance between the mafia and the state which killed them all when the Judge Borsellino rang his mother's doorbell. Also present were the mayors of Messina and Palermo. On the small stage, the testimony of the family members of the victims of the mafia [AND STATE!] Only a few weeks before, the mafia and the state had killed Borsellino's good friend and fellow anti-mafia magistrate Giovanni Falcone.
A minute of silence was observed at 4:58 p.m.today. Then they sang a hymn.
This was how Paolo Borsellino died in front of his mother's apartment building in Via D'Amelio in historic downtown Palermo and how the people of Palermo reacted.
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