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More Palermo by night

Used to be Palermo had no night life, they rolled up the sidewalks after supper. You had to belong to a club in order to get into a bar with music and liquor. I don't what happened or exactly when, but it's not like that anymore. I lived for a few months on Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 87, at the Palazzo Vannucci, just a block or two from Via Chiavettieri, the old key makers street, which emanates from or leads into the Vucciria market. The market is dwindling by day, not many places sell food there anymore, but at night it comes alive. Where do the 20-somethings get all the money to spend on drinks, I wonder. They make high-decibel fun and leave broken beer bottles on the streets in their wake. Then they all drive home drunk and nobody tries to stop them. It's a mystery. It's a phenomenon.
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