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6 major mafia arrests this morning

Chilling headlines in La Repubblica today.
Through spy cameras and microphones hidden all over the city, Sicilian police learned that the oldest mafia clan in Palermo, of Santa Maria del Gesu` on the city's east side, had just elected a new boss. The brief, intense election season was a sign to police that the era of Toto Riina, Corleone's Beast, was over, because when he was in charge, there were no elections, just his orders to be followed. And that the Mafia was going back to its old ways. The new boss got a ritual kiss on the forehead from his minions. (See the photographs in the linked article by clicking on the caption.) The turn of events- including the election back in October -- tells police also that the mafia is reorganizing.

They also learned that the bosses sat in a car singing to themselves as they watched at a distance the summary execution of a young man, Mirko Sciacchitano, whose only fault was having given a scooter ride to guy carrying out some punitive expedition, the newspaper said cryptically.

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