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Car sex in Addaura a big problem

New trend! Local residents at Addaura on the rocky coast between downtown Palermo and Mondello complain about the phenomenon of sex partner swappers and flashers parking on private property along the coast around 11 p.m. and exchanging sex all night. The campers arrive first followed closely by cars full of singles. The couples knock on the windows of the singles, make friends, then have fun in the camper rocking it until the early hours of the next day, according to an article in today's La Repubblica Palermo online..
I remember going up to the top of Monte Pellegrino from the Mondello side in the 1980s when you would see parked cars rocking with all the windows covered with newspaper. This is what happens when men and women live at home with their parents until they get married at 36. There is nowhere to discreetly hook up but in your car. There is a website with a big following that lists all the Sicilian places where people meet for this purpose, and describes the different types of people and age ranges of each. There is one parking lot at the Oreto exit off Viale Regione di Sicilia but the revelers making comments on the website say it is too full of young couples making out with each other who don't want to join in other people's games. Another is in the La Favorita park near the spot where newlyweds get their wedding pictures taken; the revelers there are all homosexual, according to this website which ranks meet-up spots. The meet-up spots, especially in winter, extend as far as the Isola delle Femmine and the coast of Capaci. But Addaura right on the beach is the hands-down favorite spot for swappers and exhibitionists. Appalled locals say their daughters coming home at night are always invited to join in the stranger sex. They call the cops but nothing happens. My guess is that the cops are afraid of whom they might be disturbing, is my guess. Could be one of their bosses. Ya never know.
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