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Tough job

From this morning's La Repubblica.

Residents of La Kalsa, the ancient Arab-founded neighborhood of old Palermo and several businessmen helped a burglar pursued by police to escape. The police were encircled by the crowd and the thief got away with 10,000 euros he and three others had just robbed from a market fruit stand. The cops caught one of the accomplices with a loaded pistol on him. The police had to fire shots in the air to break up the encircling crowd.
The four bandits were disguised as city workers. The storekeeper called the police right after the burglary and they were able to catch upwith the four robbers who escaped on two motorcycles. Two got away toward the eastern periphery of the city, the other two slid into the twisting streets of La Kalsa. The police were able to catch one of these but the encircling action of the crowd enabled the other thief to get away.

Now I wonder why they did not go the next step , call for backup and arrest everybody in the circle for impeding justice.
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