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9-month old Nigerian girl saved by Cameroonian woman

Little Favour from Nigeria lost both her parents when the rubber raft they were on flipped all the passengers into the Mediterranean Sea, but she was saved by a 52-year-old Cameroonian woman with severe burns over her body. The Cameroonian woman is named Sofii and is in hospital in Palermo. Little Favour, in the photo, is being held by Pietro Bartolo, the doctor in charge of the clinic at Lampedusa where both Sofii and Favour were first brought to land by the Italian Coast Guard. The doctor is the protagonist of an award winning documentary, "Fuocoammare" ( Fire at Sea}. Sofii, the woman who saved her, had left five of her own children back in Cameroon so that she could find work in Europe. It was her maternal instinct to save the child at all costs that kept little Favour alive. Dr. Bartolo said in a phone interview with a reporter from La Repubblica that the clinic phone has been ringing off the hook with offers from all over Italy to adopt and raise the child.
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