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Baby Favour goes to Palermo

Baby Favour, newly orphaned immigrant from Nigeria, saved from a shipwreck by a woman from Cameroon who watched the baby's mother drown, a burn victim who was drowning herself, was met by the mayor of Palermo, Leoluca Orlando when she arrived in the Sicilian capital accompanied by the chief of police, Maria Volpe. The baby was loaded into a police car at the Punta Rais airport and taken to her new home, a group foster home in Palermo.
The police chief told the La Repubblica reporter: ""Favor is a marvelous baby, she moved me. I consigned the little one to a social worker for the the juvenile court of Palermo. A judge must decide what community to give her to. She is most beautiful and was very well; during the trip she was quiet and peaceful, she looked me with those big eyes. I felt very strong emothions, to hold her in my lap... Now that I have handed her over to juvenile court personnel, I feel like I've been run over by a truck."
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