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Marianopoli: Groom caught with bridesmaid, big fight at reception

The newlyweds were very young, barely past 18 years of age. They had 200 guests at their reception. The waiters had cleared the antepasto plates and were about to serve the main course when the bride's father, noting the groom wasn't at his place, asked the waiters to hold dinner till the groom came back. But after a good half hour, the groom's father -in-law went looking for him, and found him in a private room making love to one of the bridesmaids. When word reached the dining room, huge fights broke out between the two families and friends of theirs among the 200 guests. The bride's family accused the groom's family of raising a cheater, and the groom's family responded in kind. Waiters tried to calm everyone down but no one calmed down, words were exchanged, and they had to call the cops. This happened in a small town near Caltanisetta in central Sicily and was in today's La Repubblica.
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