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"The Godmother" arrested in Sicily

A female mobster suspected of being the mastermind behind a reshuffle of the Sicilian mafia after a series of high profile arrests has been taken into custody, Italian police have said.
Mariangela Di Trapani, 49, was arrested on charges of having managed the business of the Resuttana family, one of the most important Cosa Nostra clans in Sicily. The other bosses called her La Padrona, or the Mistress.
“They were trying to reorganise,” said Col Antonio Di Stasio of the carabinieri, Italy’s military police, who oversaw the operation that also led to the arrest of 24 other suspects.

Police said Di Trapani was the link between the bosses in prison and those still at large and she had been appointed to liaise with other clans on the relaunch of Cosa Nostra. The Sicilian mafia is in a weakened state as prosecutors have jailed its key bosses and the death last month of the “boss of bosses” Totò Riina.
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