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Mother drowned, father found, his number written on their pants

From La Repubblica Palermo on line:
When they pulled them from the bottom of a that rubber raft about to go under their mother had just died, overcome by the mix of diesel fuel and sea water from which she tried to protect her two children. For the entire voyage of the ship Vos Hestia of Save the Children, the two little one from Mali stood guard over the body of their young mother. Then, disembarked at Pozzallo in Sicily, they were entrusted to a group home.
In the space of a week the Ragusa police, with the help of Save the Children, managed to identify the daddy of the two children who, as they themselves said, had already arrived in Italy some time before. His telephone number was in the pants of one of the children. He will arrive in Ragusa in time to say his last goodbyes to his wife who will be buried in the Islamic section of the Ragusa cemetery and to hold again his his two children, even though the Juveile court has set Wednesday for the hearing to temporarily assign the two children to a foster family. ),
Meanwhile, the search continues for relatives of little Oumoh, a four-year-old girl from the Ivory Coast, who arrived alone at Lampedusa, Sicily last week. She too has been handed over to a group home.

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