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What happens when they get to Italy: Big disappointment

From The Guardian:
"The chances of finding legitimate work – with youth unemployment in Italy at 37% – are slim, and his asylum application is unlikely to succeed: 66% of claims by Gambians last year were rejected, according to Eurostat.

Across Italy, migrants spend their days in parks, or loiter outside bus and train stations, homesick and shocked that, despite everything they risked, their new lives offer so few opportunities.

“We thought life in Europe is better than Africa, but here is very hard,” says fellow Gambian Charles*, who is sleeping in a homeless shelter after being thrown out of his asylum lodgings for reasons that were unclear to him.

Migrants in Europe are reluctant to share news of their desperate circumstances for fear of being seen as failures, especially by their families, who often make large financial sacrifices to get them there. Social media is more commonly used to suggest they are living the high life. "
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