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Alarm in the Mediterranean: 500 immigrants missing

There is a boat carrying 500 immigrant missing in the Mediterranean. The boat left Egypt three days ago and nothing has been heard of them since.
The alarm was given by the Rome-based Eritrean priest Musie Zerai, for years a reference point for immigrants who find themselves in trouble in the Mediterranean sea. A few of the immigrants' relatives called him to say
they received calls for help from the immigrants, their relatives. They gave the priest the numbers of the cell phones, but now no one answers. They did not have a satellite phone, just regular cell phones so no one can figure out where they are. The priest gave all the info to the Italian Coast Guard in the hopes that they might be found.
Here is a video of other immigrants being saved from the sea in recent days, video courtesy of Italian Coast Guard.
33 People saved in the night off the coast of Noto, Sicily:

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