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At wit's end

Palermo city officials are pleading for help from the Italian national government. All alone they are expected to take care of all the refugees who are brought by rescue ships to the city which can't even afford desks for its schools. Today the largest part of the 1,146 migrants saved in 19 marine operations in the Strait of Sicily will land at Palermo's port. Among them 354 women, 23 of whom are pregnant, 45 children with parents or guardians and 63 minors who arrived on their own. Most of them come from Somalia, Libya, Eritrea Cameroon and Egypt.
"The government is not listening to us, we are comletely abandoned to our own devices," said Palermo minister of Social work, Agnese Ciulla. who, when the hip arrives at 4 p.m. local time today, must jump through hoops to find a place to put the unaccompanied children immigrants. " After the last arrival of a few days ago," said Ciulla, " we seriously risked leaving the unaccompanied children at the port without a place to go. It was only with great dedication of my whole office and the entire administration" that they could find shelter and care for the children."But with this new landing we are in great difficulty again."
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