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Circle of Love

Libera Dolci, a volunteer at the children's and babies' Library in Le Balate, teaches crochet, and also how everything is connected.
I love this photo. I took it at an after-school crochet class given by Libera Dolci at the La Biblioteca dei Ragazzi e dei Bambini Le Balate, the Children's and Babies' Library of the Balate, a very poor neighborhood in the Albegheria quarter of Palermo. Her arms make a circle, a stitch, a knot around the little girl first learning to crochet. She and all her friends had agreed to wear pink that day.

Here they are, chattering away peacefully. The group includes a grandmother, her daughter and her granddaughter all sitting in a row as they learn together. Sorry about the flickering light -- this always happens when videoing under European fluorescent lights, which run on a different cycle than USA electronics.
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