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Stone Boudoir is now a Kindle-eBook

Just in time for the holidays! Stone Boudoir is now available on Kindle at Amazon.

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Reviews for "The Stone Boudoir"

"A compelling meditation on Sicilian culture." -- Kirkus Reviews

"A luminous portrait of a time and a place, interspersed with a wonderful cast of characters." -- Chicago Tribune

"Curious, lighthearted, and enthusiastic..." -- Publisher's Weekly

"Maggio is a compelling writer who can render even the simplest moments into sheer poetry...The Stone Boudoir is delightful." -- Los Angeles Times, 4/18/02

"Maggio's tales of Sicily's hidden villages reveal her own deep love and gentle understanding of her ancestors' homeland." -- Boston Globe, 6/16/02

"Maggio's writing is clear and straight-forward...the telling is rooted in poetry and human emotion." -- Bloomsbury Review, September/October 2002

Maggio has a wealth of knowledge to share, which she does in a lively, eminently readable style." -- Santa Fe Reporter, 6/12/02

[The Stone Boudoir] is an engaging overview of Sicilian culture...The prose is delightful." -- Washington Times, 7/1/02
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