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Still snowing in Sicily; Troina paralyzed

The mountain town of Troina in Enna Province is paralyzed by more than three feet of snow. More than 200 head of livestock have died. This is the city that Ruggero used as his base during his 36-year conquest of Sicily from the Arabs. The streets are so steep that they instituted a free bus to take people from the lower part of town to the upper. I have spent a few days there. The views are spectacular. The town has a medieval look, all stone. The mayor has called for help, schools have been closed since the last week of December. No one can move. People cannot get to the hospital. Grocery store deliveries have stopped.No one can go out. They do not have the equipment to plow snow. No one owns a snow shovel. It is a subtropical island, for cryin out loud!
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