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Another 668 immigrants saved by Doctors Wihout Borders ship Argos

Four newborns, including one baby just months old, were among the 668 immigrants on 5 Zodiac rubber rafts saved this morning between 4 and 9 a.m. Italian time by the ship Bourbon Argos leased by Doctors Without Borders.
"It took us at least ten hours to save all of them. By luck the calm sea facilitated the process," said Michele Telaro, project chief at Doctors Without Borders aboard the Bourbon Argos. H added," We are worried about the coming winter, because we expect more difficult rescues and the people will be more at risk of shipwreck and medical problems because of adverse weather conditions."
The year 2016 has become the worst for deaths in the Mediterranean with 4,200 dead registered up to now, declared Tommaso Fabbri,Doctors Without Borders Italy mission chief. "Facing this new, shameful record, the European Union cannot continue to pretend nothing happened and make itself an accomplice to this this ever-increasing tragedy. We urgently need legal and safe ways for desparate people to find safety in Europe with risking, or losing, their lives."

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