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Home sweet home

Detail: Muqarnes, an Arab touch, interior of La Cuba
Found a great apartment share with three women, at various university levels, in a 1940s apartment behind the Teatro Biondo at the center of the old town, just a few meters from my old digs at Palazzo Vannucci where I still have friends from my 2012 visit.
My first order of business was to enjoy some culture, and history, at a show called the Etruscans in Palermo. They were never here but their artifacts are now, at the Reale Albergo delle Povere in Corso Calatafimi. Then I crossed the street and revisited the Cuba, a 12-th century Norman Arab palace built by William the Second, then a a short walk downhill to the Punic cemetery where some 64 people are buried. The Phoenicians founded Palermo, their ZYZ, which means flower, 27 centuries ago.
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