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Small Protest

Inscription: "The City of Palermo. Loveth Edward. Victim of human trafficking. Born 19 January 1990 at Efukpe, Nigeria. The Mayor, Leoluca Orlando.
I went to what was supposed to be a demonstration and protest today at five, but only five people showed up, and three of them were forty minutes late because they were at the lawyer's office.
Loveth Edward, born in Efukpe, Nigeria in 1990, was a victim of the human trafficking trade between Nigeria and Italy, cruelly tricked and forced into prostitution. She was found murdered on a street tcorner, in a nice neighborhood, in Cortile Barcellona. Palermo Mayor Leoluca Orlando placed an engraved bronze plaque on a metal pole a few feet from where her body was found. Recently, her former pastor found the plaque had been removed, bent and further vandalized. This is what we intended to protest. But the demonstration ended up being five of us posing with the plaque. Someone took our picture with an iPhone and sent it to the newspapers. One man put the plaque in his knapsack and will take it to a metal smith to flatten it out and repair it.
RIP, Loveth.
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