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100 immigrants saved from raft in trouble

The Italian Navy ship Bettica rescued a hundred migrants from motorized rubber raft in trouble in the Strait of Sicily today according to La Repubblica. Among the 100 migrants were seven women and 20 minors. Now that spring is coming, the migrant traffic, and subsequent deaths from drowning, will pick up.
The EU offers asylum to refugees, but only after they plant their feet firmly on the ground of Italy and Europe, which they can ONLY do illegally. No Africans except South Africans are allowed visas to come to Europe, so they must ALL come surreptitiously and use the services of illegal human traffickers who both help and torture them after taking their money and abandoning them at sea. There has to be a better way. Compassionate peole want a change in the racist laws that cause these deaths at sea. One suggestion is a safe corridor in the sea for immigrants.
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