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"It is a delirium," says mayor of Lampedusa

Two hundred arrivals at Pozzallo yesterday. Another 642 expected to land at Porto Empedocle today. The immigration center at the island of Lampedusa, which had been closed down because of the worst conditions, de-staffed and opened only for emergencies is now back in use, run by a non-profit. They have 250 beds but 1,215 people to house and feed, among them pregnant women and 150 minors, many unaccompanied. "It's a very complicated situation," said Lampedusa Mayor Giusi Nicolini. "It is a delirium."
Here is the story in Italian, since I have not yet found it in any English-language publication, and possibly never will. Thanks to the online Palermo edition of La Repubblica, a left-leaning national daily based in Rome.
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