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Heart of Palermo

Bands of criminals fund Islamist terrorists with money they extort from poverty-stricken asylum seekers.

My translation of the article in today's La Repubblica:
The Italian Coast Guard announced that it coordinated 40 rescue operations in the Strait of Sicily Sicily yesterday saving 6,500 people. Working with the coast guard were the Italian Navy, non-governmental organizations,a nd European Union forces including Frontex, which is the European border police, and Eunaformed.  Read More 
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6,500 imperiled migrants plucked from sea yesterday

The images were taken during the rescue on Monday of approximately 6,500 people, many from Eritrea and Somalia, who had set off in wooden fishing boats a few hours earlier.
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6,500 asylum seekers x $2,000 per person = $13million in a day for terrorism

I just did the math. The traffickers generally charge around $2,000, a phenomenal sum for people from southern Africa. Then they cram them onto boats and rafts and send them off. Without food, life jackets, water or sufficient fuel, nor a compass nor anybody who knows how to run a boat. Under the broiling sun, no shade, crammed  Read More 
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Libyan Navy admits confrontation with Rescue boat in International waters.

The Libyan navy has admitted taking part in a confrontation with the refugee rescue boat the Bourbon Argos in international waters off the coast of Libya, following days of speculation about who attacked it.
A navy spokesman was reported to have claimed that Libyan forces had approached the rescue boat, chartered by the aid group Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), after its crew allegedly refused to identify themselves. But the navy denied that it had fired directly at the MSF boat, and claimed it did not board the boat itself. Read More 
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Rick Steves on Palermo

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Doctors Without borders rescue ship attacked off Libyan coast

While searching for shipwrecked immigrants 24 nautical miles off the Libyan coast on August 17 the Doctors Without Borders ship Bourbon Argos was fired upon by unknown men in a motor boat who then boarded the ship, then gave up their enterprise when they found that all crew had secured themselves in parts of the ship  Read More 
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Earthquake in central Italy

Governor Crocetta has sent personnel and equipment from Sicily to aid in rescue attempts, according to La Repubblica. The Guardian has a brief video here:

Click on the caption to read live updates The Guardian in English.
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Kilometer of copper wire stolen, park in the dark

A linear kilometer, about .6 mile worth, was stolen from La Favorita Park between downtown Palermo and Mondello, according to La Repubblica. 70 lights went out in the park.
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Il capo market in the morning

Il Capo street market, Palermo, 11 a.m. Photo: Rosa Maria Zito
One of Palermo's historic street markets.
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New wave: 534 migrants saved, five found dead at sea

Per the Italian news agency ANSA:
Two days ago 534 immigrants were saved in 11 rescue operations in the Strait of Sicily.Five bodies were recuperated. The migrants were aboard rubber rafts and nine small boats, according to the Italian Coast Guard, ANSA reported. Involved in the rescues were Italian Navy ship Sirius, the German Navy  Read More 
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