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Heart of Palermo

don't be afraid

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saved, they sing

The African immigrants broke into song aboard a rubber dinghy that rescued them from their unsafe craft in the strait of Sicily and brought them to the NGO immigrant rescue ship Open Arms on Jan 29, 2018
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Found in Palermo

Inventor Marcello Lampone, a treasure.
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Favorita racetrack closed due to Mafia

From The Guardian:
Horse racing has been suspended at the Palermo racetrack after Italian police investigating mafia activity discovered illegal gambling and evidence that Cosa Nostra bosses were rigging races.

The order, from the head of the Palermo prefecture, Antonella De Miro, followed the arrests earlier in December of 25 people linked to the clans  Read More 
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Italian Coast Guard films harrowing rescue. 8 died.

From The Guardian 7 Jan. 2018
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My friend Naomi Marcus wrote this great essay

This heartwarming essay appeared Christmas Eve in the SF Chronicle's Sporting Green.

If you had told me, when I was a young woman, that I would be married (happily) to a man who turned to the sports page first, I would have laughed and laughed.

“No way, not I, never! The man I marry  Read More 
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Ever wonder what was under the Pretoria Fountain?

Here ya go!

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Human population growth

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